Real time payments

Instant Money: How Real-Time Payments Are Changing the Payment Processing Industry

Whether you call it Faster Payments, Immediate Payments, Instant Payments, or Fast Money, real-time payments technology has gained a solid foothold in the payment processing world.
What Are Real-Time Payments?
A real-time payments system is composed of technology that enables instantaneous money transfer between banks and banking systems. The first known real-time payments system was developed in South Korea in 2001, and by the end of the last decade, some forms of real-time payments technology were being used throughout the […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience in 2020

With the advent of new technology, payment processing solutions are truly becoming a core element of the customer experience model. Payment processing is no longer just another overhead cost that’s kept behind the scenes; today’s payment solutions—such as mobile wallets, recurring payment processing, and much more—are best when displayed front-and-center in order to give customers a cutting-edge experience. No matter your industry or selling channels, you’ll be sure to improve your company’s public image by implementing sleek payment technology. […]

Popular Payment Gateways: How Do They Compare?

With dozens of payment gateway providers to choose from, how do you know which one is best for your business? 
Payment Gateways Defined
A payment gateway enables merchants to process credit cards by facilitating smooth communication between the cardholder’s bank (issuing bank) and the merchant’s bank (acquiring bank). Payment gateways utilize robust security standards to keep data safe when it is transmitted. Some gateways, like Cardknox, provide merchants with a broader range of payment processing features and benefits.
There are a lot […]

Partner Spotlight: Greene Step

Q&A With Ramya Venkataramani
Tell us a little bit about your company.
GreeneStep is a business management and collaboration products development company offering business solutions, IT infrastructure, and management services. GreeneStep continuously expands its portfolio of products and services to help business owners run their businesses as an integrated model from anywhere and anytime. Currently, we have over 100 proud customers across the U.S., Canada, India, the U.K., Singapore, and the Middle East.
Since its inception in 2008, GreeneStep has grown at […]