Recap: Cardknox at IRCE @ RetailX

More and more customers prefer making purchases online, and much of this growth can be attributed to the latest payment technology that has sped up and secured the online checkout process. As a payment innovator in the e-commerce industry, Cardknox was privileged to join other e-commerce players at this year’s IRCE @RetailX! This leading event for e-commerce businesses showcases cutting-edge technology solutions and provides valuable educational and networking opportunities.
At IRCE, representatives from Cardknox and our parent company, Fidelity Payment […]

Four Robust Security Technologies That Cardknox Supports

No business is immune from the growing threat of data breaches—but fortunately, several new technologies have been introduced (and continue to be improved) to keep online and in-store fraud at bay. There are many fraud prevention technologies out there, but here’s the top four that we feel are essential:
1. EMV Chip Card Processing

EMV chip cards have enhanced security for in-store purchases, as it’s much more difficult to replicate them and create counterfeit cards than it is to do so […]

Recap: Cardknox at JCK Las Vegas

Our secure technology, customizable features, and seamless integration process are just some of the many reasons why jewelry businesses choose to integrate with Cardknox. Earlier this month, Cardknox had a blast sharing these solutions and connecting with new and familiar faces at JCK Las Vegas for the jewelry industry!
Before the show kicked off, Cardknox’s Larry Wieder gave a couple of engaging presentations for attendees. The first presentation was given at The Edge’s full-day training event on Thursday for […]

Industry Trends in Merchant Payment Processing

What you need to know about industry trends affecting your business
The payment processing landscape is rapidly evolving, influenced by everything from technological advances in fraud detection and mitigation, to the rise in mobile payments, to merchants’ demands for integrated payment solutions. Here are some of the top trends in the merchant payment processing industry right now.
Balancing Security and Convenience
It used to be said that “cash is king,” but using cash to make routine purchases has dropped significantly over the […]

Maximize Security With Validated Point-to-Point Encryption and Tokenization

Whether you’re processing a payment online or through a payment terminal that’s connected to the internet, it’s essential to keep your customer’s payment data properly secured—if not, hackers can intercept it while it’s being transmitted. Read more below about how to keep your business and your customer’s data safe using validated Point-to-Point (P2PE) encryption and tokenization.
What is Point-to-Point Encryption?
P2PE encryption is the Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) solution for safely encrypting card data, ensuring that it remains secure during every […]