Cardknox Recap 2018

Published on December 26 of 2018

Cardknox Recap 2018

It’s been an exciting year here at Cardknox, with our flexible gateway bringing more value than ever before to a growing number of merchants, developers, and ISV’s. As technology evolves and consumer preferences change, our goal remains the same: to bring our clientele a cutting-edge payment processing experience. No matter your industry— or whether or not you’re a service provider or an end user of our gateway—  we want to provide you with tailor-made payment solutions that meet and exceed your business goals.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of ways that we can help make that happen, and we’ve shared several of them in this 2018 recap. Keep reading to learn more about what this year meant for us and our partners in terms of technical innovations, new partnerships, rebranding, and more.

New Product and Feature Launches

We’ve sifted through industry trends and listened closely to our merchants and partners so that we can continue to optimize our payment gateway. Here are just a few of 2018’s new products and features:

1. Account Updater Tool

Our account updater tool automatically detects and updates any expired card info on file in order to eliminate lost sales.

2. eWIC Processing

Many grocery merchants in the U.S. are facing deadlines for compliance with the new electronic processing system for WIC (Women, Infant, and Children) benefits. Fortunately, Cardknox’s eWIC support is here to help. Click here for more info.

3. Support for International Currencies

We’re working to bring our advanced payment solutions to merchants across the globe. This year, we introduced support for currencies in the European Union, Australia, Mexico, and the Caribbean!

4. iFields

iFields are our proprietary snippets of code that can be used instead of the standard credit card fields in a custom payment form to keep card data completely out-of-scope! Click here for more info.

5. Recurring Payments

With our recurring API, it’s easy to create customer and product profiles that are set on a recurring payment schedule—perfect for membership and subscription services. Plus, our recurring payments utilize our account updater tool to prevent lost sales. Click here for more info.

6. Seamless Onboarding Flat Rate Model

Our new seamless onboarding flat-rate model is the perfect solution for merchants who would prefer to get up-and-running fast with a simple flat rate for credit card processing. Click here for more info.

New Cardknox Branding + Website

In an effort to make our cutting-edge products and services synonymous with a modern design, we redesigned the Cardknox logo and launched a sleek new website this year! Not only is our new website nice to look at (if we say so ourselves), it’s also incredibly user-friendly and puts the spotlight on need-to-know-info for developers and merchants.

Cardknox Events and News

 1. Cardknox Co-Hosted Webinar with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

On May 1st, Cardknox was honored to co-host a webinar with AWS and share with industry professionals how we successfully migrated over a million sensitive records to AWS and maintained full PCI compliance. Cardknox is delighted that our unwavering commitment to robust payment security was able to serve as a case study for others so that they can ensure top-tier security for their business.

2. Cardknox’s B2B Expertise Spotlighted on

The B2B industry is unique for its reliance on checks and ACH payments rather than credit cards. With the help of our advanced security and built-in reconciliation features, though, Cardknox has made inroads in this slow-growth industry.

In an article on this past November, Cardknox’s Chief Technology Officer Mr. Yanky Weiss shared his thoughts on the growth of commercial card programs for paying suppliers.

3. Cardknox Presented its Secure Solutions at The Edge Retail Academy

In September, Cardknox was a sponsor at our Partner The Edge’s Retail Academy Conference for the jewelry industry. Cardknox’s Senior Sales Executive Larry Wieder had the opportunity to present how our integration with The Edge can streamline the checkout process, save employees’ valuable time, and provide advanced security and robust real-time reporting. For a full recap, click here.

3. Cardknox Hosted Informational Session on Payment Security for Government and Non-Profit Professionals

The Spark Superion Customer Summit is an annual event for users of this leading software for public administration and non-profits. As the threat of government data breaches continues to grow, Cardknox hosted an informational breakout session to keep attendees up-to-speed on how they can keep sensitive data safe from data breaches. For more information on our solutions for government and non-profits, click here.

What’s in Store for 2019…

We’re looking forward to providing even more solutions in 2019! Here are just a few of our upcoming product launches:

  • Even More Software Integrations and Certifications

  • Cardknox Mobile App with Support for Mobile Card Readers

  • Netsuite Plugin for Streamlined Card-Not-Present Processing

  • New Cardknox Portal for Merchants

  • Support for 3D Secure 2.0

  • eWIC Certifications with Leading POS Systems

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