Get Ready for Unattended EMV with Cardknox

Published on July 23 of 2018

Get Ready for Unattended EMV with Cardknox

By 2023, the unattended retail market is expected to reach $34 billion. Ranging from self-service kiosks and gas stations to high-tech vending machines that sell more than just drinks and snacks (think electronics, over-the-counter medicine, and makeup), these next-generation retail solutions are popping up in every industry.

If you haven’t yet upgraded to EMV for your unattended software, now’s the time to start making plans. And the good news is, we’re here to help. We’re excited to announce that Cardknox’s solution for unattended retail systems is in the works!

We are currently seeking unattended software developers to join our EMV beta program. If you work with unattended retail solutions, we would love to hear from you! Please let us know if you’d like us to incorporate certain features or address specific needs. Email for more information.

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