Putting An Integrated Payment Processing System To Work For You

Published on September 22 of 2019

Putting An Integrated Payment Processing System To Work For You

What is an integrated payment processing system? Simply put, it’s payment acceptance technology you add — or “integrate” — into your existing software platform that enables you to accept and process multiple types of electronic payments. Using integrated payments technology can help streamline your payment processing and make business operations such as bookkeeping, accounting, marketing, and account reconciliation all work together seamlessly. Keep reading to learn why an integrated payment processing solution is a great idea for your business.

At Cardknox, we partner with several independent software vendors, or ISVs, who provide us with e-commerce, inventory management, and other software products that help us offer merchants comprehensive business solutions. Here are just some of the ways we use those tools to benefit your business.

Save Time, Save Money

One of the biggest benefits of having an integrated payments solution for your business is the cost savings. An automated system eliminates the need for employees to manually print and mail invoices, enter and reconcile transactions, and produce reports, freeing up funds that can go back into your business. And using an integrated payment processing solution prevents data entry errors that could lead to lost revenue — no more math errors!

Flexibility For You, Convenience For Your Customers

Integrating an all-in-one payment processing solution gives you the flexibility to accept and process ACH, credit card, and debit card payments without having to use separate tools to manage customer and payment method information. And your customers will enjoy a fast, easy, convenient payment and checkout experience.

Improved Cash Flow

With integrated payment technology, you can easily set up and manage recurring payments which helps streamline your invoicing process and ensures timely, accurate payments. When a customer makes a payment, an integrated payment system posts the payment to your account automatically, which means you get paid faster.

You can spend hours and hours searching the web for an integrated payment processing solution that fits your business needs. Or, you can take advantage of Cardknox’s developer-friendly API and start enjoying the benefits of seamlessly integrated payment processing today!
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