Prevent Lost Sales and Scale Your Business With Recurring Payments

Published on November 20 of 2018

Prevent Lost Sales and Scale Your Business With Recurring Payments

Update: As of December 2018, our Recurring API is now live.

With our support for recurring billing and subscription-based services, merchants will be sure to supercharge their customers’ satisfaction and business management capabilities. Developers can use our Recurring API to schedule recurring payments for any time frame or interval, which merchants can then manage with ease. Whether it’s monthly, weekly, annually, or on another recurring basis, merchants who integrate with Cardknox can choose a recurring schedule so that payments can be set and automated to prevent lost sales and unhappy customers.

To support recurring payments, Cardknox utilizes advanced encryption technology that stores card data in a token form so that the data cannot be exposed.

And if the card on file expires? Cardknox’s account updater tool seamlessly detects and updates any expired card information, and then it applies the correct information without any hassle on the merchant’s part.

Our Recurring API is currently in beta, and we’re looking for testers. To get started, please email

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