Build Transaction History into Your Software With Our Reporting API

Published on January 15 of 2019

Build Transaction History into Your Software With Our Reporting API

Have you taken advantage of our flexible Reporting API? Cardknox’s Reporting API allows developers to build a custom reporting system directly into their software so that merchants can quickly query the Cardknox database to find any and all transaction records— dating as far back as their first Cardknox transaction. Merchants will love the ease with which they can pull up a past transaction, see their batch history, and run reports by type such as Auth, Refund, Credit, and more. With up to 25 search filters for use with every transaction—including CVV match/no match, shipping address, amount, and invoice number—merchants will be able to narrow down results with extra precision. And to further streamline the search process, our Reporting API also has the option to locate results using a date range of 100 days, so that transactions or batches can be pinned down even when an exact date is not available.

With Cardknox’s Reporting API, transaction monitoring capabilities are nearly limitless for you and your merchants. For more information, contact us today!

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