Recap: Cardknox at NRF 2019!

The National Retail Federation Show is an annual retail conference and expo for professionals in the retail industry featuring educational and networking opportunities. Cardknox was delighted to attend this year’s NRF show on January 13-15th, where we had the chance to network with experts and retail companies, and connect with our current industry partners, including Touchpeak and Self-Point!

Cardknox Now Supports Split Payments

Cardknox’s latest support for split payments allows businesses to seamlessly divide earnings between two or more parties at the point-of-sale, rather than having to wait until after batch settlement to do so. This solution is perfect for business models in which a master account receives all payments for later distribution among sub-accounts, such as taxi companies or marketplaces. Split payments can also be used by businesses and developers to offset processing costs, as processing fees can be automatically deducted […]

Build Transaction History into Your Software With Our Reporting API

Have you taken advantage of our flexible Reporting API? Cardknox’s Reporting API allows developers to build a custom reporting system directly into their software so that merchants can quickly query the Cardknox database to find any and all transaction records— dating as far back as their first Cardknox transaction. Merchants will love the ease with which they can pull up a past transaction, see their batch history, and run reports by type such as Auth, Refund, Credit, and more. […]

Cardknox’s Infrastructure Upgrade to Amazon Web Services

Here at Cardknox, our goal is to stay on top of the latest technology so that our stakeholders can reap the benefits. Our upgrade to Amazon Web Services application hosting is one notable way in which we have chosen to use a cutting-edge solution to support our needs and those of our partners and merchants. By tapping into AWS’ advanced infrastructure that features safeguards to help protect customer privacy, we can effectively scale and innovate while maintaining a secure […]

PaymentSITE: Our Easy Solution For Accepting Online Payments

Create an online payment flow that’s ultra-customized and extra secure with Cardknox PaymentSITE! PaymentSITE is our mobile-responsive hosted payment form that can be easily embedded into the merchant’s website via an iFrame or used as a standalone online payment form. When PaymentSITE is used as a standalone payment form, it can be fully customized to meet the merchant’s precise needs—making it the perfect solution for events, campaigns, and fundraisers!
Our team of 40 in-house developers will work closely with you to create a PaymentSITE […]