Cardknox’s PaymentSITE Online Form Brings Merchants and Developers Even More Value

Published on July 29 of 2020

The customizable form can be set up as a standalone webpage or easily integrated with ERP, CRM, and e-commerce software to process credit card and ACH payments.

Howell Township, N.J. (July 29, 2020) Now more than ever, businesses are looking for ways to process transactions while avoiding in-person interaction. Yet even before the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing number of businesses and customers alike preferred the convenience of online bill pay options. As B2B and B2C payment preferences change, Cardknox’s PaymentSITE online form is increasingly chosen by organizations as a way to streamline the invoicing process and improve the customer experience.

With its ability to be embedded into an existing webpage or set up as a standalone webpage, PaymentSITE is perfect for businesses that want to securely accept card or ACH payments online without having to build an e-commerce site. PaymentSITE can be quickly customized by Cardknox’s in-house team to include the merchant’s desired design template, billing and shipping fields, dropdown menus, brand logos, and more.

PaymentSITE is also ideal for organizations that are looking for a hassle-free solution for managing invoicing. It can be quickly integrated with a merchant’s CRM or ERP software using webhooks and redirects—making it a preferred payment solution for software developers and independent software vendors who want to equip clients with integrated online processing capabilities without the hassle. Additionally, merchants can use the Cardknox Merchant Portal virtual terminal to send out PaymentSITE invoices. The Cardknox Merchant Portal features a dedicated Send Payment Request module in which the user can generate and send a PaymentSITE form to their customers with just a few clicks.

PaymentSITE Key Features:

  • Easy integration with CRM, ERP, and e-commerce software
  • Utilizes webhooks and redirects
  • Support for credit and ACH payments
  • Robust data tokenization and PCI compliance
  • Customizable billing, shipping, and transaction fields
  • Ability to add recurring fields that prompt customers to enroll in repeat payments
  • Choice of design templates
  • Can be used for sending invoices in the Cardknox Merchant Portal

“PaymentSITE’s flexibility and ease-of-use have made it the preferred online processing solution for our merchants in a wide range of industries,” says Cardknox’s VP of Sales, Mark Paley. “From rent payments, to healthcare co-pays, to charitable donations, PaymentSITE truly supports a quite extensive array of use cases, and it’s always a pleasure seeing our ISV partners, developer partners, and merchants enjoy this easy and efficient payment option.”

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