8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Terminal

New merchants looking to get set up with credit card processing tend to find the experience overwhelming. Aside from the toll of starting a new business, they now have to choose their processor and equipment. Specifically, when it comes to credit card terminals there are hundreds of options.  Merchants require guidance from their VARs and ISVs on which terminal is best suited to their business.

Next Gen Pharmaceutical POS Systems Focus On The Customer

Now more than ever, businesses are discovering the importance of customer service as a revenue driver.  Consumers have numerous options locally and at the touch of their fingers online. Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, it is essential to have a system in place that ensures customer retention and satisfaction. In today’s busy society, the key to customer satisfaction according to research is an effortless customer experience.


Customizing Terminals Possible with EMV Out-Of-Scope Solution

If you’re even a partial geek, this headline should make you want to dance a jig.
Before EMV, there were no restrictions for developers to customize the payment experience on the payment terminal. Once EMV was put into play, most developers smartly opted for a semi-integrated solution. However, since semi-integrated is out-of-scope, it effectively locked developers out from making changes to the terminal experience.