Get started with the gateway that is smarterEMV, PCI, Fraud Protection, Intelligent Routing, Apple Pay and more; all part of the Cardknox magic.

EMV Ready

Due to the recent liability shift on October 1st, 2015, merchants that are not EMV-ready have no recourse on chargebacks from EMV cards. Join Cardknox’s EMV program and get everything you need to be compliant, plus get a free iPad after a successful implementation.

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PCI/PA-DSS Simplified

Every developers’ fear is the lengthy and expensive process to become PCI compliant. With the Cardknox SDK, since your system never touches actual credit card data, you are instantly covered with our PA-DSS compliance – no strings attached.

Smart Routing

Cardknox intelligently analyzes and routes each transaction based on payment type, time of day, risk factor and a dozen other checks, ensuring more transactions are approved and processed efficiently.

Processing Choice

Cardknox enables developers to offer their customers simple, flat-rate payment processing, and benefit from partner residuals. Or, your customers can choose to use Cardknox’s gateway-only option that is compatible with all major processors.

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Nimble API & SDK

Developers love to integrate with Cardknox. It takes just a few lines of code to get up and running with our API, and there are no libraries needed to start testing. And for EMV, nothing beats our SDK.

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Compare Features

Cardknox outsmarts other leading gateways in over 10 critical areas. Compare Cardknox feature-by-feature with any gateway and we challenge you to find one that beats Cardknox.

FraudShield Protection with Zero Programming

With FraudWatch, transactions are scanned and rated in milliseconds, and appropriately routed to the clearinghouse that will result in the most accurate verification. There is no tweaking necessary to your systems.

Compatible with

If your system is tightly integrated with or other popular gateways, ask how Cardknox can act as the first layer, so you can benefit from FraudWatch, Smart Routing, and many other features. Transactions are then seamlessly pushed to the 3rd party gateway for final processing.

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