Mobile payments

A nimble mobile SDK enables you to create custom mobile payment flows that are fully-integrated with your mobile software.

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swipe payment ipad and android

Fast mobile payment acceptance in the palm of your hand

Mobile swipe require even greater attention to payment friction and increased conversions. Cardknox delivers that and more with a mobile payment integration that is seamless, fast and secure. From card-present to mobile wallet support, integrating your mobile software with Cardknox is not only cutting-edge, but the most rewarding as well.

Advanced tokenization

Our tokenization system encrypts sensitive data and assigns a unique secure string for each transaction, ensuring mobile transactions through your software are as secure as possible.

Recurring payments

Create payment subscriptions with a simple API call to securely process subscription and scheduled payments that are fully integrated with your software.

Secure payments

Our native SDK and API enables payment processing with a few lines of code without sensitive data reaching your servers, ensuring you software remains PCI-compliant.

Mobile SDK

Process EMV-chip cards for your mPOS and secure CNP transactions.

Our mobile SDK enables you to custom-tailor mobile payments that tightly integrate with your mobile software and apps, using the same familiar codebase as our traditional SDK for desktop systems.

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swipe credit card processing

Card not present

Our SDK and API enables a seamless transaction flow for processing payments that are input by an end-user.

Card present

Our pre-certified card readers work out of the box and can accept mobile credit card payments securely for your mPOS software.

Design and deploy payments for both iOS and Android using a consistent SDK to enhance your total mobile strategy.

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