In-store integrated payments

Leading the way in fast and flexible EMV chip-card processing.

The industry calls it semi-integrated.
We call it custom made.

With a robust out-of-scope SDK and industry-leading features, our gateway, Cardknox, is the simplest path to a flexible payment solution that perfectly suits your software and merchants.

Easy to integrate

A few lines of code can get your EMV chip-card integration up-and-running. A few more lines can get you features and flexibility you never dreamed of.

Fully customizable

POS developers across all industries choose Cardknox for our versatile approach to secure payments and our unique set of proprietary features.

Security first

From PA-DSS PCI compliance to P2PE encryption and QIR sponsorship, Cardknox is the most secure out-of-scope payment solution available.

Get ready to feel like a child in a candy store...

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Traditional POS Gateway

Implement a custom EMV payment solution

With our powerful SDK, integrate the latest payment technologies while keeping your system out-of-scope.

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Browser-Based POS

The leading browser-based POS integration for EMV payments

Upgrading browser-based solutions to EMV seems challenging, but our solution makes the switch to EMV effortless.

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Legacy POS

The first and only plug and play EMV solution

Our zero-integration EMV solution utilizes keyboard emulation and quick-chip technology to mimic a magstripe flow and is perfect for upgrading legacy POS systems that have integration limitations.

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Software emulation

It’s like a translator for payment commands

Have an existing payment gateway integration? Simply change the gateway URL to the Cardknox endpoint and get up and running fast.

Gateway Emulators

Plug and play
EMV for VARs

If you are a Value Added Reseller (VAR) or consultant of commercial ERP and commercial POS solutions, Cardknox offers EMV plug-ins for popular commercial POS software. Join our partnership program and enhance your customer’s payment experience, while benefiting from the industry’s most aggressive partner program.

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More processors

An EMV integration with more processor choice means one integration will support your entire user-base. From multiple First Data platforms to all major industry processors, Cardknox has you covered.


and many more…

More devices

Cardknox EMV chip-card integrations support the most popular terminals, so you can satisfy the widest range of merchant preferences.


Coming Soon

Cardknox’s support for Verifone’s
next-generation Engage devices!













No matter your industry or unique business needs, we’ve got a compatible EMV terminal that you and your customers will love. Choose from our extensive array of countertop and wireless terminals and PIN pads from leading brands like Ingenico, Verifone, PAX, and more! We make sure not only to support long-standing merchant favorites but also the most cutting-edge terminals on the market—like the Verifone Engage series!

The quickest path to a custom EMV chip-card integration

Whether you’re updating your POS from magstripe processing to EMV chip-cards, upgrading an existing EMV integration, or integrating payments for the first time, Cardknox PaymentEngineTM makes your integration simple. Plus, Cardknox integration specialists will hold your hand every step of the way.

  • Transaction initiatedUsing our SDK, your POS sends the transaction amount
  • Terminal activatedThe connected terminal prompts user to insert card or initiate an NFC transaction.
  • Transaction processedThe transaction is securely sent to Cardknox for processing, keeping your POS out-of-scope.
  • Response sent to your POSUpon approval, the confirmation number is sent to your POS along with a token and related information.

Expect more from your payment integration

Our robust solutions solve common payment challenges and can be customized to enhance the payment experience.

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Flexible & Customizable Integrations including:

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