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If you are an ISV, VAR or related influencer, learn how migrating your merchant portfolio to Cardknox is the smart choice.

Best-In-Class Payment Processing Solutions For Your Merchants

At Cardknox, we take pride in being an industry leader that offers powerful next-generation payment processing technology; exceptional white-glove customer service; and highly competitive rates. As a top-ranking payment gateway provider, we offer a full suite of cutting-edge payment processing products to simplify business management, cut costs, and boost profits. Our online payment gateway platform not only supports all major credit and debit cards, but is also compatible with a wide variety of hardware and software; robust fraud detection and prevention tools; and has its own user-friendly, customizable merchant payment portal.

A Partnership designed for a new generation of payments

When you partner with Cardknox, you have access to the latest integrated payment processing tools and technology your merchants will love! With dedicated resources, end-to-end onboarding support, and the industry’s most aggressive revenue opportunities, Cardknox can put you and your customers first.

Full Guidance & Support

Our Partner program holds your hand every step of the way. White-glove, in-house customer service and technical support ensures that both you and your merchants will have the support you need, exactly when you need it. With ongoing assistance that starts from day one and never stops, you’ll be sure to experience what a payment partnership should really be.

Rate Optimization

Not only do we ensure aggressive revenue growth for our Partners, but we also cut costs for merchants. Our proprietary IQM technology that routes each transaction for the lowest rates, coupled with our extensive rate expertise, enables merchants to grow their bottom line.

Marketing & Onboarding

Landing pages, drip email campaigns, webinars, marketing collateral, and dedicated merchant onboarding and ongoing support are all part of the Cardknox Partner experience.

Co-branded marketing

Our co-branded marketing program will help you educate merchants about the benefits of a Cardknox integration and how it can improve their payments and security. Landing pages, drip email campaigns, webinars, marketing collateral, and ongoing marketing support are all part of the Cardknox Partner experience. Not only will you sign up more merchants, but you’ll also be able to retain them longer and boost your own revenue stream.

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Easy Integration and Optimized Integration Support

Cardknox’s rapid onboarding process ensures a seamless integration with your systems. Our integration team will guide you on how to maximize our robust, out-of-scope SDK and API, gateway emulators, and numerous plugins, and how to choose terminals and POS systems that are a perfect fit for your merchants—regardless of their industry or line of business. They will further guide you on charting a payment flow that seamlessly integrates with your software and hardware.

Manage Sub-Merchant Accounts and Payouts

We’re giving you full control over the sub-merchant payment processing experience. You’ll have access to the Cardknox Partner Portal, an advanced online platform that centralizes the entire payment integration and account management process.

  • Manage leads and onboard new accounts
  • Handle disbursements of funds and split payments
  • Order equipment and add features to your accounts
  • Generate tickets with our in-house customer support teams

Multi-processor Support

The Cardknox payment integration supports all major processors, which means we can satisfy all your merchants’ processing needs through a single integration. From multiple Fiserv platforms to all leading acquirers such as Worldpay, Cardknox has a solution for all your merchants.

More devices

Cardknox supports a wide variety of devices. From wireless terminals, to PIN pads, to countertop solutions, Cardknox integrations are compatible with the most popular EMV-ready terminals so you can satisfy the widest range of merchant preferences.

Expect more
from a Partnership

  • Industry-leading partner revenue

    We’ll perform an analysis of your current merchant portfolio and provide a detailed overview of merchant savings and increased partner revenue.

  • Dedicated merchant onboarding

    Cardknox will act as your direct sales agents to manage the onboarding process and enhance your customer relationships—backed by our world-class customer service, 98% retention rate, and BBB A+ rating.

  • Guaranteed yes/no fraud decisions

    For card-not-present transactions, our FraudWatch tool provides simple Yes/No fraud decisions on orders that are guaranteed for all related losses.

  • Hardware and software support

    Cardknox supports a wide range of hardware and software, including Verifone, Pax, Ingenico, and many more terminals. We also support leading POS systems and e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Magento. Our native EMV chip-card certifications with multiple terminal devices offer the most flexibility to ensure your customers can seamlessly process transactions.

Tap into our industry expertise

With an abundance of niche solutions and built-in rate optimization for a variety of industries, it’s no wonder that software developers across every major vertical have made Cardknox their payment gateway integration of choice.

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  • Cities & municipalities
  • Zoos & wildlife
  • Auto repair
  • Grocery & supermarket
  • Pharmacy
  • Restaurant
  • Car rental
  • Apparel & fashion
  • Jewelry
  • Waste management
  • Amusement parks
    & recreation centers

Out of 50+ different payment companies I have talked to, Cardknox is by far the best I have worked with. Amazing technology and feature list, exceptional customer and developer support, and unbelievable flexibility. Anything related to payments that we need, Cardknox makes it happen—easy and fast.

Robert Brinton, CEO, Aluvii

“Over my 21 years with Certified, Cardknox has been by far our best processor. Moving our processing to them amidst the whole EMV pin and chip period, and making sure all equipment worked with our POS system, was a huge undertaking that they made seamless. They truly deliver on everything they promise, and their team makes sure that any issue we have is handled as quickly as possible. I highly recommend them and appreciate the years of service they have provided.”

Michele Schoof, Certified Tire

After using PcCharge software for many years to process our credit card transactions, it was necessary to move to a more secure system. After evaluating numerous solutions, we are glad that we chose Cardknox.  Cardknox provides a fast, cost effective, secure credit card processing solution that includes tokenization.  Transitioning to the Cardknox system was a smooth process thanks to the responsive technical and customer service support staff.

Chris Klim, Director of Finance, Jesel Inc 

“It’s such a pleasure to work with Cardknox— their payment solutions and their customer service have both far surpassed our expectations. It’s clear how committed they are to growing our relationship, and we’ve really appreciated their assistance with our marketing efforts and brand awareness. If you’re looking for advanced payment solutions and outstanding customer service, I highly recommend Cardknox.”

Jim Broughton, President, DataWeld Incorporated

“We were previously using Charge It Pro for our merchant processing services, and we were having numerous issues with duplicate transactions. Cardknox solved that issue for us and we also saved money on our processing fees. If you are interested in changing merchant processors, I would recommend you give Cardknox a call.”

Mark Madere, CFO, Driver’s Edge

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