Cardknox Partner Portal –
Command Center for Our Partners

Say goodbye to paper piles.
Say hello to your Partner Portal for merchant account management!

Efficiently access your Cardknox merchant account information from a single location. The sleek, newly redesigned Partner Portal allows you to intuitively add leads, fill in applications, order equipment, and more!

A simple, streamlined interface lets you focus on what’s important—growing your business.

A variety of search and filter options help you quickly find the exact piece of information you need.

Customizable screens and reports let you organize data the way you like.

One place for everything

The Partner Portal is designed to give you quick access to your merchant accounts and all the other information you need to smoothly manage them and grow your business. For instance, you can track leads and their application through the entire onboarding process, drastically simplifying what was once a paper-intensive process. Any issues? Just create a ticket for Cardknox assistance and track its status from start to end.

Merchant accounts

With a few clicks, access all data related to a merchant account, such as contact information, PCI compliance, equipment, notes, and more. You can also request account updates, submit tickets, and run reports using a wide variety of filters. From any merchant account, add equipment and adjust pricing. Easily request assistance by logging a ticket or requesting account updates.

Equipment ordering at your fingertips

No more sifting and sorting through catalogs or opening endless browser tabs for equipment information! The entire catalog of Cardknox equipment is available in the Portal, including gateways, software, hardware, accessories, and POS systems. Change the default pricing, define the payment schedule, and add notes. For existing merchants, the Partner Portal stores a list of existing equipment for each merchant account.

Onboarding leads with ease

Previously a paper- and labor-intensive process, filling out and submitting the merchant application is completely online. This includes entering merchant information, uploading requested files, sending it for merchant signature, and submitting it to Cardknox. Once the online application is approved, the system automatically converts the lead to a merchant account.

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