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The EMV Evolution

EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) is the name of a payment card standard created by several credit card issuers in Europe in 1993 to help fight fraudulent card-present transactions.In order to spur on merchants to upgrade to EMV’s secure technology, the card brands introduced the EMV liability shift in 2015.

Once the EMV liability shift went into effect, merchants who had upgraded their in-store equipment to accept EMV chip-cards were no longer responsible for any costs incurred by a fraudulent EMV transaction—instead, the card-issuing bank would be. If the fraudulent transaction was keyed into the merchant’s system or swiped via the card’s magnetic stripe, then the merchant would be responsible for any costs.

Unlike magnetic stripe cards, it is much more difficult for fraudsters to obtain an EMV card’s details in order to create a counterfeit card or place a fraudulent order online. Here’s why:

Integrated Chip

An EMV card comes with an integrated chip that communicates with a POS device or contactless terminal to authenticate an in-person transaction.

Single-Use Transaction Code

Every time the card is used, the chip generates a unique, single-use transaction code that cannot be used again.

The Chip Itself Cannot Be Cloned

If a hacker captured the code and tried to use it, the transaction would be denied since the chip itself cannot be cloned.

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Traditional POS Integrations

Integrate your POS system with Cardknox using our nimble and powerful SDK to get up-and-running fast with EMV processing, without the hassle. Our industry-leading solutions will make it a breeze to integrate EMV payments, no matter your existing setup.

EMV Card Readers

Cardknox is compatible with a wide range of EMV terminals from leading brands like PAX, Verifone, Ingenico, and more. You’ll be able to accept EMV chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, contactless payments, and gift cards all from one sleek terminal device. Click here to see a full list of our supported EMV terminals.

Browser-Based POS

It can be a challenge to upgrade browser-based POS systems to support EMV since EMV encrypted data cannot be passed through a web browser. Fortunately, our BBPOS will simplify the EMV integration process for you. BBPOS is a tray application that runs in the background of your computer and acts as a local server listening in on a local port, which ensures that encrypted payment data is kept away from your browser.

Third-Party EMV Integrations

If you are locked into processing through a popular third-party POS system, or if your current processor announced an “end-of-life” scenario, we have many breakthrough EMV-ready solutions for leading systems like PC Charge, Quickbooks POS, and more.