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The EMV Evolution

EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) is the name of a payment card standard created by several credit card issuers in Europe in 1993 to help fight fraudulent card-present transactions. An EMV card, or chip card, is a payment card with an integrated chip that communicates with a POS device or contactless terminal to authenticate an in-person transaction.

This “smart card” greatly lessens the chance of fraud. Unlike payment cards that use a magnetic stripe to transmit card information to the issuer, chip cards are much more secure because every time the card is used, the chip generates a unique, single-use transaction code that cannot be used again. Even if a hacker somehow captured the code and tried to use it, the transaction would be denied. And since the chip itself cannot be cloned, it would be impossible to create a counterfeit chip card.

In October 2015, issuers began requiring businesses in the United States to start accepting chip cards to avoid liability for fraudulent transactions. Recognizing the importance of helping protect against fraud, Cardknox was one of the first to market among payment gateways to offer EMV-ready solutions for our merchants.

Out of Scope SDK Upgrade your systems to EMV

Integrate your POS with Cardknox, using our nimble and powerful SDK and get your POS EMV-ready in time for the liability shift. Or choose one of our EMV-ready POS devices from PAX, Verifone, ID TECH, and Ingenico. We developed industry-leading solutions for the most complex integrations that will make upgrading your systems to be in compliance with EMV’s out-of-scope criteria a cinch.

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Card Readers Plug & Play EMV

Don’t need to integrate with POS software? Our EMV-ready terminals are the perfect choice. Accept traditional and EMV chip payment cards, Apple Pay, debit, EBT, and gift cards – all with one device. It’s the quickest way to get up and running. See Supported EMV Equipment on our web site for information about Cardknox EMV-supported chip, magnetic stripe, and contactless card readers.

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Browser-Based POS Yes, we have an EMV solution

Browser-based POS systems running on a PC have an added complexity in becoming EMV-ready, since EMV encryption cannot be passed to a web browser. We developed a solution that is pure genius, and it’s going to enable you to make your browser-based POS system ready for EMV in a snap.

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Third-Party Solutions Creative Cardknox alternatives

If you are locked into high processing from popular third-party POS systems, or if your current processor announced an “end-of-life” scenario, we have many breakthrough EMV-ready solutions for popular systems such as PC Charge, Quickbooks POS, Retail Management Hero (RMH), and many more.

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