Cardknox Recurring Payment Solutions

Ensure predictable, efficient, on-time customer payments by using Cardknox’s recurring payments and subscription services features. Easy integration and flexible customer-friendly features benefit both merchants and developers alike.

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Are You a Merchant that Could Benefit from Automatic Payments?

Offering recurring autobill options to your customers is a great way to automate your payment processing. If you have a subscription platform, automated billing is especially useful for subscription services and other types of recurring payments such as rent, memberships, tuition, online services, and even charitable donations. And best of all, setting up an automated payment system can help increase your cash flow, lower invoicing costs, and reduce the number of collections calls for missed or late payments.

Here are more reasons to implement our subscription billing services.

Accurate, On-time Payments

Using Cardknox’s recurring billing module to accept recurring payments can help save time, reduce errors, and ensure timely payments.

Simple Recurring Payment Setup

Setting up recurring payments is a snap. The Recurring Schedules module in the Cardknox Merchant Portal is designed to get your recurring payments and subscription payments up and running in just a few easy steps —  no additional automated billing software or subscription management software needed!

Enhanced Customer Experience

Using Cardknox’s automated billing feature for your customer payments can help save time, reduce errors, and ensure timely payments.

Flexible Payment Methods

You can set up recurring payments to accept multiple payment methods such as credit cards and auto debit ACH payments from the customer’s checking or savings account.

Easy Customer Account Maintenance

Cardknox’s recurring payment feature enables you to easily add, remove, and update recurring payment information in your customer accounts.

Are You a Developer?

Our recurring API makes it easy to schedule recurring payments for any time frame or interval, which your merchants can then manage with ease via the Cardknox Merchant Portal. Plus, when building a custom recurring API integration, you’ll be able to create customer profiles that can be synchronized with multiple payment schedules and/or payment methods​.

Flexible API

Whether your merchant needs a recurring schedule for monthly, weekly, or other intervals, our recurring API is a flexible solution that will be sure to supercharge business performance.

Account Updater

The Cardknox account updater tool identifies any cards that have expired or are no longer active, and then obtains the correct card information—using data provided by the issuers coupled with our proprietary technology—to update cards that may otherwise not have been updated. This powerful tool has proven to update more cards than other traditional account updater tools, so your merchants will be sure to see a drop in expired or closed card declines.


Tokenization technology stores card data in token form, enabling merchants to store recurring payment information securely and help their businesses stay PCI compliant.

Put automatic payment processing to work for you today with Cardknox recurring payments!