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The most secure and flexible payment gateway for websites

Your internet business moves at the speed of commerce. Choose between a full integration of our payment gateway for your website using our powerful API, plug-ins for popular shopping carts or a quick migration from an existing solution using our gateway emulators. Plus, our hosted payment forms make accepting payments online quick and easy.

Proprietary card updater

Our card updater feature automatically keeps credit cards in our vault updated, and is proven to update more cards than all leading solutions, ensuring more subsequent transactions are approved.

Guaranteed fraud decisions

Unlike fraud tools that provide confusing scores, simple Yes/No decisions are provided with guaranteed approvals. If an approved transaction results in a chargeback, all losses are covered.

Advanced tokenization

Our true tokenization system does not simply encrypt sensitive data, but assigns a unique secure string for each transaction. Plus, benefit from cross-account tokenization to use a single token across multiple accounts.

Subscription payments

Allow customers to split payments into installments to promote higher average purchase price and increase sales. Maintain full control over payment frequency for rapid installment setup.

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Custom eCommerce

Robust end-to-end eCommerce payments

Our full-stack API enables you to deeply integrate a custom payment flow and power next-generation payments.

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online credit card payment system plugins

Plugins for popular shopping carts

Upgrade the payment experience

Our internet payment gateway plugins provide the most secure transaction. Using proprietary iFields, sensitive card data completely bypasses the host server, significantly reducing your PCI scope and liability.

WooCommerce Plugin for WordPress

Magento 2.0 plugin

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Gateway emulation

It’s like a translator for payment commands.

Have an existing online payment gateway integration? Simply change the gateway URL to the Cardknox endpoint and get up and running fast.

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Secure payment form


If you have a custom payment form on your website, replace the credit card fields with iFields and the sensitive card data will completely bypass your server, while still giving you full control over the user experience.

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Hosted payment forms (PaymentSITE)
Start accepting secure payments online without writing a line of code or dealing with security and hosting challenges. Cardknox hosted payment forms is the perfect solution for service companies and nonprofits to accept payments and donations by directing users to a secure form that can be customized for your needs. Cardknox PaymentSITE can also be embedded on your website and supports pre-populating fields such as amount and invoice number by passing the amount via the URL. For power users, webhooks and redirect URLs can be setup for quick system integration.

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  • Recurring payments

    Allow users to choose installments by selecting frequency and length, and Cardknox will automatically charge the recurring payments at the scheduled time. There is no need to pre-create plans so you have complete flexibility.

  • Gift cards

    Process gift cards with ease with our powerful gift card solution. We can even seamlessly migrate gift cards from 3rd party platforms so that existing card balances will remain active.

  • Card updater

    Our card updater feature, in conjunction with tokenization, automatically keeps credit cards in our vault updated, so subsequent transactions are not declined.

  • Guaranteed yes/no fraud decisions

    Unlike other fraud tools that provide confusing scores, simple Yes/No decisions are given and all approvals are guaranteed.

  • Tokenization

    We have developed a true tokenization system that does not simply encrypt sensitive data, but assigns a unique ID for each transaction.

  • Intelligent routing

    Described by an industry leader as “magical,” we perform over a dozen checks and route the transaction accordingly.

  • Split Capture

    With the help of Split Capture, wholesale merchants who ship out orders in increments will enjoy greater efficiency and control over their payment processing flow. Rather than having to capture the total authorization amount when shipping out orders, merchants who use Split Capture are able to capture multiple portions of prior authorization.
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  • Frictionless Checkout With Digital Wallets

    It’s easy to make websites mobile-friendly with Cardknox’s support for digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Coming soon: Cardknox’s support for Click to Pay, a digital wallet solution for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cardholders!

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