Gateway Emulators

Process Payments With Cardknox Using
Your Existing Integration

If a full Cardknox integration is not an option for you, then try our gateway emulators! Our gateway emulators will translate your existing gateway’s API into Cardknox API so that transactions can be routed through your gateway to Cardknox. Get ready to experience competitive processing rates, robust security, and a world of other Cardknox features without needing to build a new integration!

Cardknox Offers Gateway Emulators For:

The Cardknox Gateway Emulator Flow

Cardknox’s gateway emulators mimic your existing gateway’s API commands. Here’s how:

Here’s How to Get Started

To use one of our gateway emulators, all you’ll need to do is enter in your Cardknox key and
change the gateway URL to Cardknox’s gateway emulator key (note: this key may be the
same for certain gateways).

Fill out the form below to request your gateway emulator key!