Cardknox’s Google Pay for E-Commerce Solution

Create a Mobile-Friendly Online Checkout Experience

Cardknox makes integrating Google Pay with your e-commerce site easy. Improve the checkout experience and reduce abandoned shopping carts with this one-click payment method that customers will love.

Why Google Pay?

How Google Pay Works

Google Pay gives customers the option to safely store their credit or debit cards within their mobile devices. The customer simply clicks the Google Pay button and selects their stored payment method.

Accept Apple Pay Online With Cardknox!

Give your customers even more options to pay.
Click here to learn more about Cardknox’s Apple Pay Online solution.

Accept Mobile
Wallets In-Store

Bring your in-store customers a fast checkout experience, too. Cardknox can be integrated with leading POS systems and payment terminals to support in-store processing of mobile wallets.

Integrate Google Pay With
Your Website or App