The PayFac Buyer’s Guide

Which PayFac Model is Right For You? Learn 5 Key Factors To Consider.

SaaS companies can increase revenue up to 14 times by becoming a payment facilitator.

Should you build a payment infrastructure from scratch or use a PayFac-as-a-Service (PFaaS)? What are the benefits, costs, risks, and return timelines for each model? And what distinguishes one PFaaS solution from another?

What You’ll Learn By Reading The PayFac Buyer’s Guide:

  • Five key considerations that will help you determine the payment model that is right for your business, including cost, risk, development resources, and more.
  • Questions to ask before building a PayFac infrastructure or implementing a PFaaS solution.
  • Must-have features you should look for in a PFaaS solution provider.

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