QR Code Payment Solution

Quick Response Code Capability For Fast, Contactless Payments

Combined with the Cardknox payment gateway, QR code technology gives merchants a frictionless, touchless payment option for enhanced customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Why QR Codes?

QR codes empower merchants with another tool to deliver the touchless checkout experience that customers are already demanding.
According to a Mastercard global consumer study, nearly eight in 10 shoppers say they use contactless payments.
Contactless is here to stay with 74% of respondents stating they will continue to use the technology post-pandemic.

QR Code Payment Benefits

Faster Payments

Contactless payments on average are at least two times faster than normal payments. With transactions taking place at a faster rate, merchants will increase customer satisfaction while improving cash flow.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Since QR code technology is capable of storing large volumes of data that can be passed on to pre-filled payment sites, the risk of inaccurate data input — and the resulting delays — is significantly reduced.

High-Level Security

Since QR codes can store large volumes of data that are then passed on to pre-filled payment sites, inaccurate data input is significantly reduced. The actual payment is processed on the individual merchant payment site — a site hosted on Cardknox’s secure payment infrastructure.

Boosted Sales

When there is choice, a customer will likely choose the brand that delivers fast, secure transactions over one that is slow and arduous. Delivering a frictionless checkout experience will help you boost sales and your reputation.

Take Your Business to the Next Level With QR Code Payments

QR Code Applications

The use cases for QR code payments are limitless. Use QR codes to bring offline transactions online, simplify the checkout process, as well as deliver touchless payment experiences.


Provide convenience for customers. Add a QR code to items on the shelf so that customers can easily scan and place an online order for pickup or delivery — allowing them to skip the line or avoid loading heavier items.


Simplify payments for after-visit balances. Generate a QR code on mailed invoices for patients to easily scan to pay — with payment details like amounts, account numbers, and dates of service already pre-filled.


Avoid unnecessary contact for health and safety. Servers can present guests with a QR-coded receipt, which the customer uses to scan and pay at the table, all without either party ever handling a credit card.

Travel and Hospitality

Deliver excellent service. Accept tour fees on-site, allow quicker payment at bars and restaurants, or deliver poolside invoices — collecting payment by having your guests scan your unique QR code either via a point of sale device or printed receipt.

Recreation and Amusement

Reduce long lines and wait times for guests. Direct patrons to purchase tickets online using a unique QR code.

Ready to start accepting contactless QR code payments?

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