Recap: Cardknox at NSAA

As a proud partner of Aluvii, a leading amusement POS software with an exclusive module for the ski industry, Cardknox was privileged to attend the NSAA Convention and Tradeshow last month! This annual event brings together ski area operators from all across the United States, and it features exclusive educational sessions, networking opportunities, and a diverse array of exhibitors. The Cardknox sales team had a blast exhibiting from our booth on the expo floor right alongside Aluvii, where we […]

Money20/20 2016: A Summary

Key takeaways from Financial Tech’s largest annual convention.
Money20/20 Las Vegas has become a central event for the payments industry, where industry-changing announcements are made every year,
and the “movers and shakers” collaborate on the future of payment technology.
Please find some of the highlights below.

3 Tips to a Smooth EMV Transition for ATMs

Fraud cost US retailers $32 billion dollars in 2014, up from $23 just a year before. Payment companies and merchants have implemented various policies to address the growing fraud problem, most prominently the major liability shift for merchants last October. This year, on October 21, 2016, ATMs were added to the mix. For now, the EMV requirement at ATM includes only MasterCard, but next year Visa will join as well.
Merchants that upgrade their ATMs to EMV will not bear […]

Processing Pitfalls of Fine Dining

Creating a fine dining experience is crafting the balance between the highest level of food, service and atmosphere. The food service business is an extremely complex operation, and the more streamlined the processes are, the greater chance it has of succeeding. The last thing that a restaurant wants to deal with is complications on the payment processing front.
A common challenge that restaurants face is managing the overhead and administrative operations. Many restaurant managers will be required to stay overtime […]

Beyond EMV: What’s Next

Merchants across the US have gone through the expense and pains of adopting EMV, expecting it to be the one-stop solution to fraud.  As the majority of merchants are implementing EMV, fraudsters are looking for any points of entry. Unfortunately, even EMV has its vulnerabilities.
False Expectations
EMV was expected to solve the issue of fraud, at least for in-store purchases.  Merchants flocked to make the transition, especially after the liability shift last October. Most chose to integrate EMV with […]