Announcing Cardknox UpdateYourCard (BETA)!

Especially among merchants who process recurring payments, declined transactions due to expired or inactive cards are a common source of frustration. To help merchants reduce their lost sales from declined transactions, all without any hassle, Cardknox has launched UpdateYourCard (BETA)! This automated solution enables merchants to obtain updated card information without any manual labor. Here’s how it works:

  1. In the event that a keyed or recurring transaction is declined, UpdateYourCard will automatically send an email to the cardholder’s email address that was submitted with the transaction. This notification will inform the cardholder that their card was declined and provide a link for updating their payment information.
  2. Upon clicking the link in the email, the cardholder is directed to a brief web form in which they can fill out their updated card information.
  3. This information is saved securely in Cardknox, and it is applied automatically to subsequent transactions for the cardholder.

UpdateYourCard is the perfect solution for merchants that process recurring payments and don’t want to have to worry about collecting card information manually when a card is declined. Plus, customers will be sure to appreciate this easy and less disruption option for providing their card information.

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Cardknox UpdateYourCard (BETA)

Say Goodbye to Lost Sales From Declined Transactions


Expired or inactive customer cards shouldn’t have to cut into your bottom line. With Cardknox UpdateYourCard (BETA), you can rest assured that your declined transactions will convert into successful sales, without any hassle!

How Does UpdateYourCard Work?

In the event that a customer’s card is declined on a keyed-in transaction, UpdateYourCard automatically sends an email to the cardholder that prompts them to provide their updated card number and expiration date. Once they submit the brief form, their payment information is saved securely to Cardknox and applied automatically to subsequent transactions!

All updated customer payment information that’s obtained through UpdateYourCard is displayed in your customer database and reporting, accessible from your Cardknox Merchant Portal account.

Why Use UpdateYourCard?

  • Less time and hassle spent on gathering correct card information
  • Fewer lost sales—and in turn, greater revenue
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Faster and more automated billing cycle
  • Perfect for recurring payments, such as membership programs and subscription services
  • Secure technology to prevent fraud

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