Hosted PaymentSITE

An easy and flexible way to start accepting payments


PaymentSITE is a payment form hosted by Cardknox that allows merchants to easily accept online payments without the hassle of setting up and hosting a payment form.  PaymentSITE can either be used as a standalone payment form using a custom Cardknox URL, or embedded in an external website via iFrame. PaymentSITE enables merchants to stay completely out of PCI scope.

Integrated PaymentSITE:

Quickly leverage PaymentSITE by simply directing customers or donors to your custom URL to enter their credit card information. Alternatively, you can embed PaymentSITE as an Iframe in your existing check out page, allowing your users to remain on your own site, as well as retaining a consistent look and feel.

PaymentSITE supports pre-defined transaction parameters (i.e. Amount, Invoice #, Customer ID, etc) by passing in that information via URL parameters.

Below is an example of passing an amount of $10 and an invoice# of 12345 that is pre-populated on PaymentSITE:

You can also pass a redirect URLs to which your user will be redirected to upon the transaction completion. Separate URLs can be specified for approved and declined transactions.

For a full list of parameters, see our API documentation.