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Cover Payment Solutions to Fuel the Growth of E-Commerce

Payment Solutions to Fuel the Growth of E-Commerce

E-commerce transformed the idea of shopping in the 1980s, and since then, it’s only developed and increased its possibilities. Then, in 2020, the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread worldwide and impacted e-commerce even further. Fortunately, payment technology solutions are helping fuel...

What Is a Payment Facilitator?

The payment processing landscape is constantly changing, and to stay competitive, Software as a Service (SaaS) professionals—such as independent software vendors (ISVs), value added resellers (VARs), and developers— must harness the latest payment technology to ensure top-level merchant satisfaction.

What is a Payment Gateway?

Put simply, a payment gateway is a software application that enables merchants to accept payments made with credit and debit cards for instore and online transactions. The payment gateway facilitates transaction processing by securely encrypting payment information and transferring...